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  • 100+ ski experts

Organizing your ski holiday with SKIUSA makes all the difference. This is why!

  1. Value - SKI USA assists with all your travel needs at no additional cost.

  2. Expert Experience - Are your children skiing for the first time? Do you enjoy skiing off the slopes? Do you want a romantic ski hotel for two? Perhaps a gourmet experience in the mountains? Allow a SKIUSA expert assist in planning your perfect ski holiday!

  3. Ski Passes - SKIUSA makes all arrangements to ensure a seamless ski experience.

  4. Equipment - Goggles? Helmets? Poles? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of the details. Your ski equipment will be ready and waiting for you. Hit the slopes the moment you arrive!

  5. Classes - Class is in session. We’ll help select the right class for you. An industry leader, SKIUSA has fostered relationships with the finest ski schools and ski instructors.

  6. Transfers - Arrive in style. Your driver will assist with luggage and ensure a comfortable trip from the airport to the resort. Sit back and enjoy the scenery.

  7. Groceries Done - SKIUSA ensures your accommodation is fully stocked with requested items. Special fruits? Favorite cookies? Gluten-free options? We’ve got you covered.

  8. Gastronomy - SKIUSA shares insider restaurant recommendations. We’ll make sure you get the corner table.

  9. Offers - Book early and save. Offers available year-round for skiing holidays.

  10. Save Time - How many emails, phone calls, and messages are required to plan a ski holiday? At SKIUSA, your ski expert takes care of all these details.

  11. Round the Clock Service - We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the duration of your holiday. Do you need to make any changes? Need answers to questions? Ask away.

  12. Industry Leader - Snow is our passion! We have more than 20 years of industry experience


It's your brand, we do it for you! Ask us about creating your own travel agency's ski marketing.

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