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Via F. Grossi Gondi 39/42, Rome, Italy

Phone: +39 06 93374135

LandL in Abruzzo

Italy’s Best is a small boutique DMC based in Italy, (our headquarters are in Rome). We are a multigenerational family business. 
Founded by our father, Tony, in 2000 after a 40-year career in the Italian hospitality and tourism scene. He kicked off his career in 1961 as the private driver for Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton when they were filming “Cleopatra” in Rome. Soon after, he became Director of Operations and Events Planner for the largest European company handling incentive American groups. During his 25 years in this role, Tony garnered quite a reputation in both Italy and the U.S. thanks to the epic events that he organized. When Tony created Italy’s Best, he maintained contact with his past colleagues for the benefit of the company today.
Today, my twin brother and I – we’re Luca & Lorenzo – follow our father’s footsteps. From an early age, our father instilled in us a passion for travel planning, as we would join him during his sojourns around Italy to attend the spectacular dinners and exclusive experiences he arranged. Watching our father from the side-lines, we started to absorb the tricks of the trade as well as Tony’s philosophy, which encompassed professionalism, respect and attention to detail.
But mainly, we see the business as a reflection of ourselves. Italy’s Best has developed as a business connected directly to the people that have built it.  Being family run, business is personal.  Clients receive the personal attention of the people that care the most, the business’ founders. No tour nor client is alike. We’ll invest the same amount of attention for a simple tour as one ‘out of the box’. These are the promises we take very seriously at Italy’s Best.

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