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Z1-10-30 Owari-cho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0902 JAPAN
Phone: (646) 428-4908     +81 (0)76 221 1586

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All Japan destinations available

Full-service Destination Management Company

Choose from our Japan Insider Collection or Japan Custom Journeys

The Perfect Trip

Our impressive itineraries attract a diverse clientele, and we have perfected the art of providing high net

worth guests with superior services. We are available 24/7 for our agents and their clients.

White Label Products

We are happy to work behind the scenes and place your brand front and centre in all client communications and documents.

International Service

Our international team and offices enable us to accommodate any time zone and mitigate

language barriers. We have experience with clients in all major markets, as well as an in-depth

understanding of their expectations and needs.


Marketing Support

We help our partner agents market Japan through online training, regular newsletters and updates,

sharing feedback from clients, and open communication channels.

Personalized service

We believe that the difference between a good trip and the trip-of-a-lifetime is in the details.


Who travels with us

  • Age range: 40-70 years’ old

  • Individuals, couples, or families who expect a level of accommodation, transportation and services worth approximately USD $1,000 or more, per person, per day.

  • Typical clients include designers, doctors, lawyers, business owners, bankers, IT entrepreneurs, politicians, professional athletes, royalty and other high net worth individuals. 


ex: Frank, a 55-year-old lawyer, is planning a first-time trip to Japan with his family. His interests are in cuisine and architecture, and his wife wants to take part in hands-on artistic experiences while keeping the tweens engaged. He wants to help support local artisans and have a meaningful trip, but also enjoy luxurious treatment and feel taken care of.

From the white beaches of Okinawa to the snow resorts of Hokkaido, we are here to make every location and aspect of Japan accessible to your clients.

Wondertrunk & Co. Standards



Our reputation is built around our in-depth knowledge of Japan. Our extensive network of experts

reaches throughout the country to include everyone from artisans and architects to geishas and gardeners. This means we can offer authentic experiences and open doors to workshops and studios of artists and experts to whom no one else has access.


The journey begins in planning – we pay close attention to guests’ interests and expectations to craft

custom itineraries and help create memories that last a lifetime. Our exclusive experiences range from arts and culture to cuisine and architecture, and everything in between.


Japan is our home and our team has decades of combined experience living, working, and raising families

here. The Art of Travel’s richness comes from our teams’ vast backgrounds and cultures and a shared commitment to promote Japan’s culture and ancient traditions through all our experiences.

Our Promise



Curated experiences with experts in the arts and culture of Japan

Unique, high-end, and exclusive hands-on experiences

Highly trained and professional guides who have undergone our extensive vetting process


5-star accommodations or equivalent luxury lodging in Japan

Premium rooms


Seamless and professional transportation services and logistics planning

Best vehicles available (luxury cars in available cities) with unlimited hours

First class trains on available routes

VIP Airport Pick Up Services can be arranged upon request


Expert meal planning consultants available


Dedicated 24/7 support from our staff for all clients

Ability to accommodate special occasions and requests

Utmost confidentiality and care from all our staff, experts, and guides

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