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Art of Travel - Autumn, Winter, and Spring Itineraries

It is always a good time to plan your trip to Japan. Whether left to the last minute or planning ahead to next year, the Art of Travel can help.

Upcoming Autumn Trips: The Art of Travel's Autumn Insider trip is perfect for travelers looking to experience the country's stunning autumn foliage with minimal planning.

Skiing in a Winter Wonderland: Have you ever come face-to-face with a group of monkeys soaking in a hot spring? Or skied down a mountain waist deep in powder? Welcome to winter in Japan. From the world-famous snow festival in Sapporo to the Olympic slopes of Nagano, this season is rich with possibilities. Travelers can indulge in the year’s best sushi, warm up with some hot sake, and explore Japan’s top landmarks without the crowds.

Early-Bird Cherry Blossom Trips: A palpable wave of excitement sweeps Japan as the cherry blossoms start to open. The Art of Travel has crafted a Spring itinerary for the occasion including some of the most popular spots for blossom-viewing, as a well as a few locals-only favorites. With stops in five destinations, guests will catch the wave of budding blossoms as it hits different cities during their journey. Availability is always limited during this popular season so we recommend booking early!

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