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Japan Travel Updates

On behalf of our Japan DMC Partner, Wondertrunk & Co, please see below for the latest information on traveling to Japan.

  • There is currently a visa requirement for tourists.

  • Travelers must travel with an approved Japan-based travel company (Wondertrunk has been approved).

  • The itinerary must include a 'tour conductor' on every day spent in Japan, to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations. What we are seeing is that as long as travelers have services booked on each day (either a guide or a driver) the trip is being approved.

  • The guests' information (name, contact information, passport information, etc.) must be entered into Japan's Entrants & Returnees Follow-up System (ERFS) for approval. This process is handled by Wondertrunk. Travelers must include their ERFS approval certificate in their visa application.

  • After the trip is registered in ERFS, each guest must procure a travel visa to enter Japan, issued by a Japanese Embassy or Consulate in their own country. This process is handled by the guest and can take up to a month.

  • Each guest must show proof of a negative result from a Covid test taken within 72 hours of flying to Japan.

This article provides more detailed information about what the process currently looks like to be allowed to enter Japan.

Although it sounds like a lot of steps, we are seeing this process go quite smoothly as long as we apply for the visa with plenty of time (about 6 weeks before) and travelers understand that they will have to leave their passport at the embassy/consulate for the duration of their visa application (typically 5 to 10 business days).

As long as we follow the above steps, it should be no problem for travelers to book their flights before receiving their visa. In order to make sure that Wondertrunk is prepared for their visa application, please provide the following:

  • What is the travelers place of residence? This will help Wondertrunk to determine which consulate they will need to apply from and what documents are needed ( each consulate requires different documents). Travelers must apply at the consulate of their jurisdiction and will need to provide a proof of address.

  • Are the travelers planning any other travel prior to their Japan trip? This is to make sure Wondertrunk knows when to apply for their visa since the traveler(s) won’t have access to their passports during that time.

Advisors, please note due to the overwhelming amount of inquiries we are receiving, response times and proposals are requiring more time than usual. Thank you for your understanding. Please reach Marie Pilaud, President of Global Travel at Wondertrunk & Co. with any questions.


wondertrunk & co.

(formerly The Art of Travel)

ピロ マリ/ Marie Pilaud

President of Global Travel

TEL +1 (646) 428-4908


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