Join us in taking "Steps To Give Back" - Virtual Walking Group

We've created a forum where members of the luxury travel industry community (hoteliers, destinations specialists, travel advisors, etc.) can still maintain a sense of community. With both domestic and international travel slowly ramping back up due to the pandemic, we want to keep our community active. This means both staying active in the sense of staying connected but also keeping physically active during stay-at-home or shelter-in-place situations.

How to participate

1. Download the Pacer app (available for Apple or Google Play)

2. Join our "Steps To Give Back" Group by clicking here

3. Sign-up for the weekly challenges

Our Goal

Each week, we ask group members to aim to take 30,000 steps while at the same time raising awareness for a charity or cause. While our goal is to raise awareness for the cause, we encourage (but don't require) members to donate financially to the cause.

Group members can walk at their own pace, on their own schedule. You'll have access to a leaderboard to see each group member's progress. The top ranked individual walker of each week* then gets to highlight a new charity or cause that's important to them to be featured in a future challenge.

*Special rules for the 1st challenge of each month

We realize there are some serious walkers in our group (keep it up!) but we also want to acknowledge those that meet the minimum steps goal (30,000) each month. So for the 1st challenge of each month, we'll still celebrate and give bragging rights to the #1 walker, however we will "draw" a name amongst group members who achieved the steps goal. The selected group member will then get to choose a charity or cause important to them. We hope this will continue to encourage everyone to keep on moving!

Let's walk together

We welcome not just travel industry professionals but also members of the travel industry community, friends and family. We feel it's important for people to walk together with those close to them, and this also helps motivate our group members to continue to walk.

Since the challenges have started, group members have found their competitive spirit and have increased their steps and daily walking time to compete for top ranks in the competition. The Pacer app has been helpful in getting users moving, as it's an easy way to count steps and track activity.

We hope to "walk" with you!

Questions or comments, please contact

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