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Just for Palazzo Margherita guests - Extraordinary openings of Italian National museums and unique d

One of Francis Ford Coppola’s main purposes with the opening of Palazzo Margherita was the promotion and the support of the LAND OF BASILICATA: so not only food, wine, preservation of thousand-year-old traditions and uses, but of course also the promotional support of our ART heritage.

We are very happy to offer a unique new experience JUST FOR OUR GUESTS: extraordinary evening-openings of National Museums.

Guests can choose among different Museum-sets: either the close-by area of Metaponto, one of the main places of the Magna Grecia time or the main Matera Unesco Heritage Town and the European Capital of Culture 2019.

In the first case, they would visit the National Museum of Metaponto containing the rich heritage of archaeological materials found in the Greek colony of Metaponto plus on a hill the ruins of the extra urban temple dedicated to Hera. Built in Doric style in 530 B.C., it is the only worship monumental building whose external colonnade has been partly preserved.

In case they choose Matera, UNESCO World Heritage site, guests will have the pleasure to see the most outstanding, intact example of a troglodyte settlement in the Mediterranean region, perfectly adapted to its terrain and ecosystem. The first inhabited zone dates from the Paleolithic, while later settlements illustrate a number of significant stages in human history. A fascinating collection of archeological artifacts can be admired at the Domenico Ridola National Museum. But Matera is also a town that looks up to modernity! So for those who are interested in the contemporary aspect of this amazing town, we would like to suggest also a visit to Palazzo Lanfranchi, which is currentlythe Modern Art Museum of Basilicata; home to an impressive collection of works by Carlo Levi as well as numerous 17th and 18th century Neapolitan School oil paintings, and wooden sculptures and paintings from other towns in the Province of Matera. All works on exhibition have been restored by the Italian Cultural Heritage Department. Palazzo Lanfranchi hosts major art shows on a regular basis making it an important location for events in Matera.

Moreover these special visits can be enriched with a unique and traditional dinner in the same taking-breath-away museum contexts.

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