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Personal Updates from our Team

We're hoping you're keeping up-to-date on what's going on in our collection - hotel openings, future re-openings, new training tools for our travel advisor community.

Aside from "shop talk," we miss catching up with each of you on what's going on in your daily lives. We know we've connected with many of you via virtual meetings, phone calls, and socially distant meetups. For those we've not been able to reconnect with, here's a personal update from our team.


Cheryl Bennett, Co-President

Margate, NJ

My family and I have relocated to Margate, NJ for the summer. Margate is located at the “Jersey Shore.” With no day or overnight camp options, my children, Adler & Edison, have been spending a lot of time at the beach, surfing and sailing. As a family, we are volunteer shoppers for elderly senior citizens in our town. We go to the super market and deliver food weekly to them. In addition, we volunteer for the Margate Terrapin Rescue Project, also known as “turtle patrol." Once a week, we patrol the causeway into our town to rescue diamondback terrapin turtles. Hatching season will begin in a few weeks and we are there to ensure their safety. I do miss face to face sales calls, happy hours and dinners.


Beatrice Mercado, Co-President

Los Angeles, CA

My family and I have been making the most of our time at home. Our twins, Mariano and Perla, just turned 2. We're thankful to have a home in Los Angeles where we have ample indoor and outdoor space to spread out. My wife, Jennifer, got her dream pool - it's a blow up pool and above ground, but it does the job! The kids got a sandbox. And we're getting a spin bike in a few weeks so we're committing to getting back in shape! We spend most days getting our walking in with "Steps to Give Back."


Maggie Abdallah, Director of Sales

Pittsfield, MA

My husband, kids, and I have been enjoying a “staycation” in the beautiful Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts this Summer. We have enjoyed taking our Corgi puppy, Winston, on daily walks (so I get my steps in for our “Steps to Give Back” initiative), hikes to local trails & waterfalls, and are now lucky enough to squeeze in an abbreviated baseball season with our son. We finally gave in and added a trampoline to the back yard so my daughter can practice gymnastics while the weather is warm. Her and her best friend pitched a tent on it last week to try and camp out…but they only lasted until 10:30 pm before they got spooked by noises and got cold. We are having an old-fashioned Summer and taking advantage of the slower pace this year.


Tara Mittal-Campbell, Director of Sales

Los Angeles, CA

The Campbell’s have been “masking” it through the summer in style. Our 2 boys have explored every outdoor adventure left in Los Angeles and have gotten very creative with our indoor activities from LEGO Masters competitions to making our own music videos. My workout team has gone remote and I enjoy my daily sweat where I have substituted dumbbells for children, one on each arm. We are anticipating the daunting task of virtual learning again this fall, but the boys are looking forward to baseball season and rooting on our Los Angeles Dodgers during recess. GO BLUE!

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