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September - Personal updates from our team

We're hoping you're keeping up-to-date on what's going on in our collection - hotel openings, future re-openings, new training tools for our travel advisor community.

Aside from "shop talk," we miss catching up with each of you on what's going on in your daily lives. We know we've connected with many of you via virtual meetings, phone calls, and socially distant meetups. For those we've not been able to reconnect with, here's a personal update from our team.


Beatrice Mercado, Co-President

Los Angeles, CA

First, I wish to say "thank you" to our travel advisor community for your support, your business, and most importantly friendship. We really are all in this together.

On a personal note, my wife and I endured 30 days of "Clean Eating." It took dedication and perseverance, but after 30 days, we shed our "COVID" weight, felt re-energized, and accomplished. If you want to know more about clean eating, drop me a note and I'll fill you in!

We continue to enjoy time at home but are daydreaming about that first trip we'll take as a family. We all need something to look forward to. Right now, we're thinking Fiji. I asked Jen what she was most excited about when thinking about our future trip... she quickly answered with her eyes wide open and eyebrows raised in excitement - "Nannies!" How can we pass up a nanny for each child? Where will you travel to once you are able to do so, or perhaps where have you already been during the pandemic?

I miss you all very much and hope you and your families stay healthy.


Cheryl Bennett, Co-President

Margate, NJ

The fall is unknown thanks to the school systems not sharing concrete plans. If I had a crystal ball, my family will be back in NYC, the Upper West Side, so my children can attend school.

I officially obtained my Pilates Reformer Teacher Certification so I can share my love of the exercise with fellow friends.

I miss seeing my travel advisor friends.


Tara Mittal-Campbell, Director of Sales, Southern CA

Los Angeles, CA

Home Projects are front of mind at The Campbell house, from refinishing the front door, to painting outside walls with the boys, to building a desk area for the upcoming virtual school year. Our house is covered in sawdust and smiles over our achievements. We celebrated Kiran’s 7th birthday and our 11 year wedding anniversary in Big Bear. Though no comparison to our Italy adventure from last year (when we celebrated our 10th anniversary), it was a wonderful change of scenery. We recharged with some outdoor hikes, berry picking and a boat ride on the lake.


Maggie Abdallah, Director of Sales, Eastern US

Pittsfield, MA

My family and I are still making the most of the Summer outdoors in Berkshire, Ma while the weather is warm - whether it is hiking or simply enjoying drinks out on our porch. Even though the school year is starting virtually in September, we continue to enjoy our scenic classroom & office as long as the WiFi lets us! The colors of the leaves will be changing soon and nature will be on full display.

I'm really missing my travel advisor friends so if you happen to be in the Berkshires for "Leaf peeping" season, I would love to meet for a socially distanced coffee or apple cider at one of the many outdoor cafes & orchards in the area. Send me a quick note so we can meet to catch up!

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