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November - Personal Updates from our Team

We're hoping you're keeping up-to-date on what's going on in our collection - hotel openings, future re-openings, new training tools for our travel advisor community.

Aside from "shop talk," we miss catching up with each of you on what's going on in your daily lives. We know we've connected with many of you via virtual meetings, phone calls, and socially distant meetups. For those we've not been able to reconnect with, here's a personal update from our team.


Maggie Abdallah, Executive Producer & Director of Sales, Eastern US

The Berkshires, MA

I’m still coming down from the high of the success of the inaugural RepFest event and the joy of all of the virtual connections with everyone that participated which also resulted in the generous donation to the Every Mother Counts organization. I’m taking the month to carve out a little time each day to view sessions I missed and rewatch my favorites while there is still time. So much fun & I’m grateful I was a part of the event!

On the home front, we are in the throes of hybrid school schedules with the kids (oh and they have opposing mornings for in-person learning for 2.5 hrs) so we have spent more time in the car recently. As hectic as this “new normal” is for now, we have our fingers crossed that it will last for a little while longer before the return to completely virtual learning.

As we enter into the Thanksgiving season during this very unusual year, I have continued to realize that I have so many things to be thankful for in my life. Of course my amazing husband and kids are at the top of the list along with all of my family and friends, but also my “work family & friends” I am so grateful for and miss seeing in person so much. 2020 has really made that list longer as it has given me the chance to notice even the small, daily things to be thankful for that I may have overlooked in the past.


Tara Mittal-Campbell, Director of Sales, Southern CA

Los Angeles, CA

The lovely Campbell boys have led us on quite the rollercoaster this month. My 7 year old Kiran raised over $1,100 dollars for his school by challenging himself to bike 25 miles for their annual fundraiser. His story was even featured in the local paper much to all our delight. Mid-month Bennet + Mercado wrapped up for our collaborative 2- day virtual event, RepFest. This event was such a high for me personally because it made me so proud of the amazing woman I work with and the unique and beautiful collection we represent. Seeing the engagement of agents in our industry inspires me that we can do anything. Ending this month, my 3 year old Shaan fell and hit his eye (see photo). We found out at the ER that he broke a bone in his eye and from there we were on a wild ride of doctor evaluations, an ambulance trip, surgery and a lot of healing. Luckily all was repaired and the little guy is already up and dancing again.

This Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for the resilience of my family and community, as we continue to face hurdles this year we have come together to support one another and overcome.


Cheryl Bennett, Co-President

New York, NY

November is the month to Give Thanks. My family and I believe every day we should be thankful, especially this year. We are thankful for each other. The quality time we have spent together over the past 8 months has been priceless. So many wonderful, unexcepted memories have been created. We are thankful for our health and wellness. We have been spending more time outside exercising and playing. We are thankful for our future. By exposing my family to new places, people and cultures, we can enrich our minds by recognizing our differences and embracing the things that unite us. Travel Bucket List here we come!


Beatrice Mercado, Co-President

Los Angeles, CA

I wish to thank everyone who attended RepFest, our virtual two-day trip around the world. Because of RepFest, we raised over $10K for our charity partner, Every Mother Counts... how amazing is that? I'm also thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with RepFest's brilliant co-hosts at KAI, Index Select, TL Portfolio, and Janine Cifelli Representation. This unexpected collaboration has been a highlight this year. Thank you all and we can't wait to do it again!

On a personal note, we're thankful the mild weather in Southern CA allows us to spend a lot of time outdoors. We visited the Laker's championship mural by Bixby Coffee (see photo), and we're celebrating the Dodgers World Series Win after 32 years! To my NY friends, don't worry, we're staying hopeful the NY Giants will step it up the rest of the season!

This Thanksgiving, I am so grateful for my family who shower me with so much love each day. I'm also so thankful for my team - Cheryl, Tara, and Maggie - what a year it's been, and I thank each of you for pushing us forward each day.


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