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October - Personal updates from our team

We're hoping you're keeping up-to-date on what's going on in our collection - hotel openings, future re-openings, new training tools for our travel advisor community. Aside from "shop talk," we miss catching up with each of you on what's going on in your daily lives. We know we've connected with many of you via virtual meetings, phone calls, and socially distant meetups. For those we've not been able to reconnect with, here's a personal update from our team.


Beatrice Mercado, Co-President

Los Angeles, CA

We're celebrating the Lakers' first NBA championship in 10 years! While my family will always root for our NY teams (Yankees and Giants), we are thrilled to celebrate the Lakers as they bring the championship trophy back home in honor of the late Kobe Bryant. I continue to be grateful that sports is back on tv. Now we're just rooting for the Los Angeles Dodgers to take it all the way!

The twins are now officially potty trained! We're keeping them busy with soccer practice each week.

I miss seeing all of my travel agent friends and I hope to see each of you virtually at RepFest.


Cheryl Bennett, Co-President

New York, NY

Falling into Fall with new routines for my family. I am happy to report both of my children have started new schools in NYC and are going to school 5 days a week! After 6 months in Southern NJ, I am now back in NYC and it is a nice change. My "Steps To Give Back" steps went from 0.5 miles a day to over 5 miles. There is life outside the apartment walls. If you are based in NY metro area and are interested, in meeting up for a social distance coffee, lunch or cocktail, please send me an email.


Maggie Abdallah, Director of Sales, Eastern US

Pittsfield, MA

Leaf peeping season has begun here in the Berkshires and the colors are more brilliant than ever. We are juggling virtual school and home office duties until the kids return in person on a hybrid schedule later this month….every week it is a new schedule & set of challenges so we are taking it a day at a time. We bought one of the last commercial outdoor heaters before the stores & Amazon were sold out in preparation for cooler nights ahead & surprisingly it showed up only 3 days later! We’re trying to make happy hours last on our porch as far into Fall & Winter as possible. I am extending an open invitation to advisor friends visiting the area to join me for a cup of coffee/drinks on my porch or I’m happy to come to you – reach out to me!


Tara Mittal-Campbell, Director of Sales, Southern CA

Los Angeles, CA

School for the Campbell family is fully underway. Both of the boys are remote and I feel like I am in 1st grade again – teaching basic math and reading. I refurnished some old school desks for the kids so they are “learning in style.” The boys have already picked out their Halloween costumes and it looks like a Star Wars Theme is in our future this year. I look forward to seeing new and familiar smiles at RepFest, please join us!


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