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Sushi Insider Tips from Art of Travel Japan

In celebration of International Sushi Day, our friends at Art of Travel Japan share some tips:

  1. Most high-end sushi restaurants in Japan will prepare each piece of sushi with the perfect amount of seasoning. This means there is often no need to add any extra soy sauce or wasabi.

  2. If you do wish to dip your nigiri sushi in soy sauce, make sure to do so with the fish side down. Never dip the rice part in the soy sauce.

  3. Fresh ginger is provided to cleanse your palate between bites and should never be eaten at the same time as a piece of sushi. You can always ask for additional ginger should you need it.

  4. To be a real sushi pro, pieces should be placed in the mouth upside down so that the fish is against your tongue. Allow your tongue to take in the complex flavors before gulping down the bite. Sushi should be eaten in one bite.

  5. Most high-end sushi restaurants in Japan will serve an omakase menu - Omakase quite literally means “selected by the chef” in Japanese and includes a set menu of sushi pieces chosen by the chef based on the season and the ingredient quality.

  6. Sushi chefs can usually adjust the size of your nigiri pieces based on how hungry you are. If you are worried about getting full before the end of the omakase course you can usually request smaller pieces (less rice).

Ask us about Art of Travel Japan's extensive Tokyo restaurant list which includes some of the most special sushi dining experiences.

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